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 Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE) participated in the 2024 Admissions and Career Counseling Fair in Ho Chi Minh City. The event took place on the morning of March 3, 2024, at the campus of the University of Technology, VNU-HCM.


HCMUTE's counseling team at the 2024 Admissions and Career Counseling Fair in Ho Chi Minh City

The fair was held in the context of 2024 being the final year the high school graduation exam will follow the old general education program. From 2025 onwards, the exam will undergo significant changes based on the 2018 general education program, which is expected to bring about many changes in university admissions processes. As a result, many parents and students remain uncertain and anxious about the regulations, timelines for admissions, setting preferences, and other critical considerations when applying for university admission.


Amidst this information, Cao Thai Son, a student from Cho Gao High School in Tien Giang province, expressed his concerns: "Even though I am only an 11th-grade student, I am worried about the changes in the high school graduation exam starting in 2025. The 2025 exam will include four subjects with two mandatory subjects: Literature and Mathematics, and two optional subjects from the remaining 12th-grade subjects. I am concerned about the admission methods, scoring, and how the admission trends might change."


Cao Thai Son, an 11th-grade student at Cho Gao High School, at the HCMUTE booth


"I am very excited and looking forward to this year's Admissions and Career Counseling Fair. Here, I received enthusiastic advice and guidance from the counselors, especially the HCMUTE teachers, on various aspects related to admissions, how to set reasonable preferences, and questions about choosing the right career, which made me feel comfortable to ask more questions," shared Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai from Go Cong Dong High School in Tien Giang province.


Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai from Go Cong Dong High School participating in the Fair


Sharing in the enthusiastic and beneficial atmosphere of the Fair, Nguyen Thien Nhat Gia from Vo Thi Sau High School in Ho Chi Minh City expressed: "I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of HCMUTE students who guided me to the counseling booth, and the teachers who answered each of my questions thoroughly. HCMUTE is my dream school for the Automotive Engineering Technology major because I found out that HCMUTE is one of the few universities in Vietnam that has invested in Tesla electric cars for student training."


Nguyen Thien Nhat Gia attending the Fair for the first time


In 2024, HCMUTE is introducing two new majors: Integrated Circuit Design Engineering and Educational Psychology. Discussing this at the Fair, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Tam, Head of the Electrical-Electronics Faculty at HCMUTE, stated that in recent years, the semiconductor industry has become a leading field in many countries worldwide, and Vietnam is no exception. The chip shortage issue has become a hot topic of concern for many countries. With government encouragement, support from the Ministry of Education and Training, and large enterprises (Synopsys, Renesas, Cadence, etc.), and HCMUTE's solid teaching foundation, the school has decided to launch the new Integrated Circuit Design Engineering major.


"HCMUTE has seen the need to separate the Integrated Circuit Design Engineering major for dedicated teaching, based on the existing foundation, as this major has been integrated into teaching since 2012 within the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Embedded Systems and IoT programs in the Electrical-Electronics Faculty at HCMUTE," shared Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Tam.


Students gathering around Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Tam to listen to advice about the Integrated Circuit Design Engineering major


Discussing HCMUTE's new majors, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Duong Thi Kim Oanh, Deputy Director of the Institute of Technical Education, said: "The Educational Psychology major at HCMUTE aims to meet the demand for various human-related job positions, including student counseling on learning and career orientation, psychological consultation for social groups, organizing experiential activities in schools, teaching life skills, soft skills, and educating children with special needs. Graduates can also become teachers or researchers in Psychology and Education at higher education institutions." On February 24, 2024, HCMUTE inaugurated the Student Counseling and Support Office to enhance support activities, helping students overcome academic and psychological difficulties. This is one of the many venues for Educational Psychology students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical environments.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Duong Thi Kim Oanh providing dedicated support to students


The Automotive Engineering Technology major, particularly the Electric Vehicle specialization, was a major topic of interest for students and parents at the Fair. Dr. Duong Tuan Tung, Deputy Head of the International Training Department and Head of the Automotive Department in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at HCMUTE, analyzed: "The demand for industries changes according to societal development stages. The Electric Vehicle specialization is currently a development trend in Automotive Engineering Technology. In 2024, HCMUTE's Automotive Engineering Technology program will include an Electric Vehicle specialization. With our tradition of focusing on engineering and technology, students in this program will be equipped with in-depth knowledge about engines, transmission, and safety systems on traditional cars, as well as new technologies such as battery and charging technology, smart car technology, and autonomous interaction between vehicles and between vehicles and people on electric cars."


Dr. Duong Tuan Tung also added that besides investing in traditional cars, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at HCMUTE has made substantial investments in electric vehicle laboratories and electric cars from major brands like Tesla and Renault, allowing students to conduct in-depth research on electric vehicle programming and control. With these facilities and the expertise of the Faculty and the university, graduates in Automotive Engineering Technology will meet the job requirements of businesses.


Dr. Duong Tuan Tung advising students about the Automotive Engineering Technology major

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