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The journey to be the winner of the Vietnam Social Innovation Challenge (VSIC 2023)


In August 2023, the Greenba.plus team, including students Phung Vo Hung Phat, Tran Anh Vu, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Pham Thi Huong, and Huynh Ngoc Huong from the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, achieved a remarkable feat. Instructed by the dedicated teacher, M.Sc. Nguyen Dang My Duyen, the team successfully executed their project, "Production and Business of Starch-Resistant Enriched Products with Green Banana Flour and Sweet Potato Flour."


After an intensive three-month effort, the Greenba.plus team not only brought their unique idea to the competition but also surpassed their own expectations. Recognizing their outstanding achievement, the team engaged in discussions with Ms. Duyen and made the decision to register their project for the Vietnam Social Innovation Challenge (VSIC) 2023 in the Southern region.


On December 11, 2023, the Greenba.plus project emerged triumphant in the VSIC 2023 Southern region competition, outshining formidable competitors. The victory not only secured the team's top position but also symbolized the unwavering dedication, passion, and determination of its members. The Greenba.plus team is now set to proudly represent the Southern region in the final round of the VSIC 2023 national competition, competing against counterparts from the Northern and Central regions in Hanoi.


The national finals of the VSIC 2023, held on December 16, 2023, in Hanoi, featured formidable teams showcasing diverse and unique ideas. The judging panel selected the top three projects for the ultimate round of the VSIC 2023 competition. In this stage, the Greenba.plus project "Production and Business of Starch-Resistant Enriched Products with Green Banana Flour and Sweet Potato Flour" and two other projects underwent rigorous evaluation, analysis, and discussion by the judges.


At 6:30 PM on December 16, 2023, the VSIC 2023 organizing committee officially announced the awards. Once again, the Greenba.plus project claimed the first prize, underscoring its exceptional excellence. The team was honored with a prestigious award valued at 1,584,000,000 VND.


 Greenba.plus team got the first prize in Vietnam Social Innovation Challenge


HCMUTE's Vision


The university's commitment to education, research, and technology transfer, with a steadfast focus on quality education, has been reaffirmed by the success of its students in the competition. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education continues to be a breeding ground for innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, leaving a significant impact on society. With a rich history spanning over 60 years, the university has consistently produced talented individuals, supplying the nation with a high-quality workforce to meet development needs.
The Vietnam Social Innovation Challenge 2023 (VSIC 2023).


The Vietnam Social Innovation Challenge 2023 (VSIC 2023) is a social entrepreneurship competition for young people nationwide, aimed at discovering and supporting entrepreneurial ideas that address social issues and enhance the quality of life in Vietnam. Therefore, the VSIC 2023 competition has gained attention and resonance within the community, especially among students who have cultivated and honed their dynamic creativity and entrepreneurship within the university, research centers, and institutes.


Products from Greenba.plus team


The project "Production and Business of Starch-Resistant Enriched products with Green Banana Flour and Sweet Potato Flour" provides the market with a range of baked goods rich in resistant starch, high in fiber, abundant in antioxidants, helping to control sugar levels, and supporting the gut microbiota. The project targets individuals with diabetes who still have a desire for baked products, as well as those on a diet who want weight loss or are facing digestive issues such as constipation or digestive disorders. The products utilize common agricultural resources in Vietnam, namely green bananas and sweet potatoes. These agricultural sources are not only cost-effective but also rich in resistant starch, fiber, minerals, and bioactive compounds such as anthocyanins and polyphenols.


Products from the project "Production and Business of Starch-Resistant Enriched products with Green Banana Flour and Sweet Potato Flour"

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