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After a quarter-century of existence, the Student Association at HCMUTE has undergone a continuous and robust evolution, thriving through many programs, models, and innovative activities. In honor of the commendable traditions over the past 25 years alongside successive student generations, the association held a event on the evening of October 19, 2023. The occasion marked the 25th founding anniversary of the Vietnam Student Association at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (19/10/1998 – 19/10/2023) under the theme "25 Years – Forever the Soaring Wings of the White Dove."


Over 25 years, the HCMUTE Student Association has been a driving force, providing substantial value and fostering an environment that hones and supports students. This can be gained by innovating the content and structure of their activities such as actively embracing digital transformation, fostering creativity, and consistently elevating the spirit of volunteerism, which benefits society.


The Association's activities have grown in significance, resonating deeply within the HCMUTE student community. These initiatives are intricately connected to the students' academic needs, scientific research pursuits, and overall spiritual wellness. There's a strong emphasis on the holistic development of students. Through the events and programs organized by the Student Association, students gain additional avenues for training, entertainment, and relaxation after intense study sessions. This not only allows them to accumulate knowledge and skills but also enhances their awareness.


The 25th Founding Anniversary of Vietnam Student Association at HCMUTE


By doing so, the HCMUTE Student Association has become a cornerstone in affirming the resilience of HCMUTE students, showcasing their readiness to contribute actively to the collective development of our nation.


Over the past 25 years, the Student Association has consistently nurtured and expanded its array of activities such as "Students of 5 merits” , the "Spring Volunteer” campaign, the "Green Summer” campaign, and the "Entrance Exam Support” program, which has attracted a significant number of university students. These endeavors have unfolded in a variety of challenging settings, showcasing the dynamism, passion, intellect, and steadfast commitment of the youth involved.

The enduring image of HCMUTE students donned in their distinctive green volunteer attire, paints a vibrant picture that has left an indelible mark on the community. This collective effort has not only become a hallmark of the university experience but also symbolizes the enduring spirit of collaboration and community service that defines the Student Association's journey over the years.

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