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HCMUTE has received the result report from ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) Secretariat and Assessors for the assessment of three programs which took place in December 2018. As the report states, all three satisfy AUN-QA standards. 

The aforesaid programs include Industrial Management, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Automation and Control Engineering Technology, with the scores of four, five, and four on a 7-point scale, respectively.

As explained in the AUN-QA guides, programs receiving 4 over 7 marks adequately fulfil the criteria of the quality assurance system, while number 5 indicates “more than expected” performance.

This has been the fourth AUN-QA assessment at program level taking place at HCMUTE since 2016. Up to now, there have been a total of eleven programs achieving the AUN-QA standards.

Delegates received AUN-QA quality certificate

The other curricula consist of Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Automotive Engineering Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology, Construction Engineering Technology, Machine Manufacturing Technology, Thermal Engineering Technology, Electronics Communication Engineering Technology and Environmental Engineering Technology.

HCMUTE became an associate member of AUN in March 2014. Since then, it has developed a roadmap from 2016 to 2020 so that all the school programs can achieve the standards of regional and international quality assurance systems. 

Among them, seventeen are hoped to be accredited with AUN-QA standards while the other three accredited with US ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) criteria.

Currently, the university has been implementing activities to prepare for the next external AUN-QA assessment at the end of 2020.

Earlier, in November 2016, HCMUTE was accredited at institutional level according to the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) standards with a score of 53/61 (86.89%). 

The ASEAN University Network (AUN) was established in 1995, with the aim of promoting mutual understanding among member universities, through training and quality assessment activities, towards the interconnection and mutual recognition in the field of academics. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Van Dung gave a speech

Currently, AUN attaches great importance to quality assessment and other activities such as exchange of lecturers and students, as well as interuniversity credit-based training.

Quality assessment and accreditation of training programs and educational institutions is one of the key tasks in the era of international integration, at the request of MOET and from the internal demands of the development of each university.

According to Article 9 of Law on Higher Education, this is to ensure Vietnam education quality and determine to what extent its training programs and educational institutions have achieved the pre-set objectives in each certain period. 

It is also a basis for educational institutions to report to the society and state management agencies about their reality, for learners to select university, and for employers to recruit human resources.

The quality assessment results also serve as one of the criteria based on which higher education institutions are ranked and stratified.

Article 53 of Law on Higher Education also emphasizes education quality assessment as the basis for determining the prestige, quality, and position of institutions in the implementation of university autonomy and self-responsibility. 

Besides, through the assessment process, the state and society can oversee the operation of the institutions, so that the government can assign suitable tasks and provide them with proper investment support.
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