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As an experienced and dynamic  university. HCMUTE offers quality technology-oriented programs In a supportive and student-caring environment. HCMUTE, with its 13 Faculties and 1 Institute, offers students a large choice of programs and specialties delivered at various levels of training and in different modes of study. Based on Its traditional fortes in science, engineering and technology HCMUTE Is now offering: 


7 PhD's programs
1. Engineering Mechanics
2. Education
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Vehicle Engineering
5. Electrical Engineering
6. Electronic Engineering
7. Civil Engineering
16 Master's programs
1. Food Technology
2. Education
3. Computer Science
4. Mechatronics Engineering
5. Mechanical Engineering
6. Vehicle Engineering
7. Electrical Engineering
8. Electronic Engineering
9. Automation and Control Engineering
10. Environmental Engineering
11. Thermal Engineering
12. Telecommunications Engineering
13. Civil Engineering
14. Theory and Methodology in Technology
15. Educational Management
16. Economics and Management


2 Bachelor' Programs in the Technical Education
1. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (AUN-QA)

2. Technology Teacher Education

41 Bachelor's programs in Technology


1. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
2. Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
3. Computer Engineering Technology
4. Automation and Control Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
5. Biomedical Engineering (AUN-QA)
6. Embedded Systems and Internet of Things
7. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
8. Machine Manufacturing Technology (AUN-QA)
9. Mechatronics Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
10. Mechanical Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
11. Industrial Engineering
12. Furniture and Wood Technology
13. Construction Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
14. Transportation Engineering
15. Construction Management
16. Building Engineering System
17. Infrastructure Engineering and Management
18. Automotive Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
19. Thermal Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
20. Renewable Energy Engineering Technology
21. Information Technology (AUN-QA)
22. Data Engineering
23. Industrial Management (AUN-QA)
24. Accounting (AUN-QA)
25. E-Commerce
26. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
27. International Business
28. Garment Technology (AUN-QA)
29. Printing Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
30. Graphic Design
31. Architecture
32. Interior Architecture
33. Materials Technology
34. Environmental Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
35. Food Technology
36. Chemical Engineering Technology (AUN-QA)
37. Restaurants and Eatery Services Management
38. Fashion Design
39. English Linguistics
40. Law
41. Information Security


International Collaborative Programs

1. University of Sunderland, England (3+1; 4+0):
     Electrical  and Electronic Engineering (BEng)
     Business Management (BA)
     Accounting and Financial Management (BA)
2. University of Northampton, England (3+1; 4+0):
     International Logistics and Trade Finance (BA)
     International Accounting (BA)
     Business Management (BA, MBA)
     International Hospitality Management
3. Tongmyong University, Korea (2+2):
     Mechanical Engineering (BEng)
     Mechatronics Engineering (BEng)
     Information Technology (Bachelor) 
4. Kettering University, USA (2+2)
     Business Management (BA)
     Electronic and Electrical Engineering (BEng)
     Mechanical Engineering (BEng)
    Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (BEng)
    Computer Engineering (BEng)
5. University of Adelaide, Australia (2+2)
   Information Technology (Bachelor)
   Civil Engineering (BEng)

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