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On the morning of December 16th, the national student scientific research 2017 was held at HCM City University of Technology and Education (HCM UTE) grand auditorium. The competition “Students doing scientific researches” which was jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Traning (MOET), the Central of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, and Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations; was hosted by HCM UTE. 

Deputy Minister of the MOET - Nguyễn Văn Phúc - giving a speech.

The award-granting ceremony was honorably attended by Deputy Minister of the MOET - Mr. Nguyễn Văn Phúc, Director of Department of Science Technology and Environment MOET - Associate Professor Dr. Lê Trọng Hùng, Deputy Director of Department of Science Technology and Environment MOET - Mr. Trần Nam Tú, universities and institutes (whose students won the prizes) leaders as well as students. From the host university, there was the presence of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lê Hiếu Giang - Deputy  Secretariat of the Central Committee Communist Party of Vietnam, Vice President of HCM UTE.
Associate Professor Dr. Lê Trọng Hùng spoke at the ceremony 

This year, there were 336 excellent research topics eligible to claim prizes. These topics had been selected from thousands of scientific research topics of students coming from 77 universites and institutes within the country. In detail, the topics cover 6 following areas:
1. Natural science
2. Science and Technology
3. Medical Science
4. Agricultural Science
5. Social Science
6. Humanities

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lê Hiếu Giang -Vice President of HCM UTE - giving welcoming speech.

Basing on the judging criteria of elimination rounds and the final, the scientific panel proclaimed the following results: 9 first prizes, 46 second prizes, 88 third prizes, and 106 consolidation prizes.

Presenting award to first-prize winner group

9 first prizes were bestowed on the following universities: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City International University, Foreign Trade University, Open University, Hanoi National University of Education, Vietnam Military Medical Academy, HCM City University of Technology and Education, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, National Economics University.

One of the 9 honorable first prizes is a device from students of HCM UTE ( including Trần Tấn Thanh, La Hoàng Thắng, Nguyễn An Duy, Ngô Xuân Cường) which can assist the old and Parkinson's patients in their daily eating activities.

Attending the ceremony, student Lê Hoàng Thắng ( from Mechatronics department) shared that the idea of building an assistant device had dawned on his group after participating in voluntary work thanks to which they witnessed the adversities faced by senior citizens.

The HCM UTE group with their assistant device at the exhibition

“The robot arm can be remotely controlled by an app installed on computer to assist spoon-feeding the elderly as well as patients in the absence of their relatives. Moreover, this app also collect data of the meals in order to calculate nutritional values, which helps give better care for the patients”, shared La Hoàng Thắng.

This product was tested at Thiên Ân Nursing home ( in HCM city). “This product will be improved more before being released into the marketplace”, the group added.

At the ceremony, first prize and second prize holders were awarded Certificate of Merit by  the Central of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. Third and consolidation prize holders were presented with Certificate of Merit by VIETNAM FUND FOR SUPPORTING TECHNOLOGICAL CREATIONS (VIFOTEC).

Besides, the MOET also presented Certificate of Merit to 20 higher-education organizations for their outstanding contributions to scientific research activities of students in 2017.

Awarding Certificate of Merit to 20 higher-education organizations

Prior to the event of the ceremony was: Student Scientific Research Exhibition held by the MOET to introduce the outcome of final-round research topics, Student Scientific Research Conference, and the Final of Automatic Water Puppet show; aiming to facilitate the networking and knowledge exchanging and to provoke passion for scientific research among students.

In the Student Scientific Research Conference, there were reports with high level of practicability and applicability for social development.

Photos taken at the Student Scientific Research Conference

Furthermore, the auditorium was heated with the Q&A session in which the Scientific Committee, Advisory Committee, and the prizes holders responded to questions posted by scientific research enthusiasts.

Photos in the Student Scientific Research Exhibition

In the near future, the MOET will cooperate with other co-hosts such as the Misnistry of Science and Technology, the Central of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, and Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations to improve prize giving criteria, advance social media activities, expand relationships with enterprises together with manufacturing businesses, and international organizations to attract funding for other scientific research activities in general and their competition in particular. 
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