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In contrast to the image of elegance when appearing on the red carpet, Miss Tran Tieu Vy has chosen to wear a casual uniform t-shirt and jeans on the first day of enrollment - October 8th 2018 at the HCMC University of Technology and Education.

After being crowned Miss Vietnam 2018 and along with the involvement a series of national and international activities, Miss Tran Tieu Vy has officially come to the University of Technology and Education to enroll on time. The newly-crowned Miss Vietnam is a freshman student of the 2018 course. She is enrolling the course of Business Administration under the international joint program between the University of Sunderland (the UK) and the HCMC University of Technology and Education.

On the first day of enrollment (the joint program with University of Sunderland starts to enroll students in October), the classmates were surprised to see a casual 18-year-old Miss Vietnam in a HCMUTE uniform t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. With such a friendly manner, the beauty of Quang Nam received a warm welcome from all of the teachers and students of the HCMUTE.

The friendly Miss Vietnam 2018 with her schoolmates

Also, it was known that on the first day of school, Tran Tieu Vy was awarded a scholarship worth 600 million VND by the University of Sunderland and the TMC Academy (Singapore), whereby Tieu Vy will be sponsored the total tuition fee of the 3-year joint program in Vietnam and the final year at the University of Sunderland in the UK including the cost of accommodation and study. Being proposed to its joint partner by the HCMC University of Technology and Education, this scholarship is expected to not only help promote their joint programs but also give opportunities for Miss Vietnam to make more contributions to charitable and social activities in her term of Miss Vietnam.

Representing the international joint program of the University of Sunderland and TMC Academy, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Van Dung awarding a 600-million-VND scholarship to the newly-crowned Miss Tran Tieu Vy

In this important day, Miss Tran Tieu Vy emotionally said: "I'm very happy to be a part of the school. Although higher education is quite different from high school but I have a lot of friendly friends and teachers here, which makes me feel very close and cozy."

With great excitement, Tieu Vy participating in activities with new friends in the first English class at the digital classroom of the HCMUTE

Being aware of the current movement of "The HCMUTE's Rose Garden" with the aims of calling for cooperation, contributions to build and embellish the landscape of the school, Miss Tran Tieu Vy planted a Vietnam ancient species of rose by herself in the school garden to commemorate as well as to add extra beauty to its landscape. Despite being crowned a Miss, she is still very polite, approachable and quite dynamic. Moreover, she is very interested in the activities of the Youth Union and the Students' Association and hopes to have more chances to participate in such activities.

Tieu Vy planting the rose tree by herself in "The HCMUTE's Rose Garden"

It is hoped that, as promised at the crowning moment, Miss Vietnam 2018 will manage to arrange her schedule reasonably to ensure her school attendance as well as the participation in other cultural activities. Hopefully, this will be a good initiation of the 4-year process of study and work at one of the leading universities in the field of engineering and technical training with over 56 years of establishment and development.

Tieu Vy taking selfies with her teacher and classmates

Some of the beautiful photos of Miss Vietnam 2018 Tran Tieu Vy in her school uniform

Original Vietnamese article by Quang Canh

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