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     On the morning of 02/24/2017 at Room A1-1007, HCMUTE held the Seminar on the Application of the Project-Based teaching method, which is attended by nearly 50 preregistered officers and lecturers.

     As part of the BUILD-IT project, the seminar was participated in and presented by Dr. Scott Danielson– Arizona Univeristy, U.S.A., Ms. Eloisa Achal—Advanced Marketing Specialist of National Instrument (NI—a company that purveys software for designing and facilitating engineers), Mr. Phan Nguyen Quy Nhon—NI’s application engineer, together with the zealous partaking of 30 department heads of schools participating in the BUILD-IT project, and 14 HCMUTE officers and lecturers    

Dr. Scott Danielson brought up the current situation of the conventional teaching and learning method

     Opening the seminar, Dr. Scott Danielson presented the drawbacks of the traditional teaching method. In reality the conventional pedagogical method with the black board and white chalk is like “pouring” knowledge into students’ heads. Despite being armed with the taught knowledge, graduates lack practical skills and confidence in solving new problems. This issue necessitates the renovation of teaching method.
     Dr. Scott Danielson introduced the new model of project-based learning. All subjects will be connected with projects. Knowledge is then applied in carrying out the project. This model will assist students to hone their skills and confidence in tackling unprecedented problems. That self-assurance will be of the essence in their future job.

Ms. Eloisa Achal—NI’s Advanced Marketing Specialist was presenting.

     Furthermore, in the seminar Engineer Phan Nguyen Quy Nhon introduced the LabVIEW software, which helps to familiarize with software and hardware. Its user-friendly interface facilitates students’ project work. The schools’ lecturers also had the chance to practice this new learning model with LabVIEW to control motors and sensor light.

Mr. Phan Nguyen Quy Nhon introduced the LabVIEW software.

     Dr. Scott Danielson brought a brand new teaching and learning method to the seminar. Students will be the ones actively looking for knowledge, whereas lecturers will solely instruct and aid students to finish the project. The hope is that this new method will raise the teaching and learning quality and that students will be confident in their knowledge as well as practical skills and ready to venture into work.   
Pham Tuong Nhan

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