Tác giả :
a. Functions:    
1. Assist the President and directly implement management activities in accordance with ISO 9001:2000
2. Investigate and evaluate internal education quality of the university 
3. Supervise assessment and accreditation work at university level and program level in compliance with regulations of MoET

b. Responsibilities:
* Quality management according to ISO standard
1. Control, upgrade and maintain quality management system following the issued ISO standards 
2. Combine with other on and off campus units to do improvement for quality assurance system
3. Assist the President to build up Strategic Objectives and Strategic Objective Implementation Plans for each unit and the whole university every school year 
4. Control and evaluate Strategic Objective Implementation progress and detailed plans 
5. Make plan and implement internal evaluation for every unit
6. Examine and evaluate current problem solving to avoid repeating unnecessary issues and unexpected problems 
7. Periodically report to the Presidential board about working efficiency of the quality assurance system and propose modification if needed 
8. Propose required resources to upgrade and maintain the quality assurance system 
9. Control, upgrade processes and forms approved by the President; distribute materials for quality assurance 
10. Compose, modify materials for quality assurance as requested by the Presidential board  
11. Contact with external evaluation organizations to complete the quality assurance system 
12. Organize meetings for leaders about the power and efficiency of the quality assurance system 
13. Do statistics on how well other units obey the regulations for quality assurance; instruct staffs to collect required data

* Internal education quality evaluation
1. Supervise and update required standards and tasks for quality assurance in education
2. Research and make plans to apply quality assurance standards in education activities 
3. Assist other units to do evaluation and assessment for education activities in accordance with the general plan of the university 
4. Do annual evaluation and activities in the education accreditation procedure 
5. Help check monthly data and exhibit collection, storage and update for every unit to keep in track with accreditation standards 
6. Propose solutions for quality improvement basing on internal and external assessment results
7. Develop contents, materials and conduct knowledge cultivating courses to enhance faculty members' awareness on education evaluation and accreditation
8. Do information announcement for education evaluation and accreditation
9. Survey students' feedback on education quality; process and analyze the collected data to promote new improvements

* Do assessment and accreditation in accordance with MoET standards and International standards 
1. Research and update assessment criteria system of MoET or international accreditation standards; select the most suitable standards to follow 
2. Register for accreditation following MoET criteria 
3. Do internal evaluation for training curricula and programs following international criteria 
4. Prepare the university with necessary conditions to get ready for international accreditation

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