Tác giả :
a. Functions:
1. Assist the Presidential board to manage general administrative works of the university
2. Do administrative works, data storage, communication and information with off-campus partners 
3. Be in charge of general regulations, plans, summarization and other duties assigned by the Presidential board 

b. Responsibilities:
* General Summarization, Plans and Regulations
1. Summarize implementation progress of scheduled plans for every month, semester and school year. Supervise and transfer requests from the Presidential board to related units.
2.Do progression reports every month, semester and school year
3. Prepare weekly working schedule, remind in-charge persons or units to fulfill the schedule, supervise meeting participation of faculty members
4. Prepare contents or request related individuals/units to prepare contents for meetings with the Presidential board; make reports of the meetings; announce or summarize conclusions of the meetings
5. Collect information and data from units to report to the Presidential board about implementation progress of planned work 
6. Make annual reports or reports of unscheduled works as requested by the Presidential board 
7. Assist the Presidential board to process administrative documents; compose announcement of the Presidential board's wills or decisions
8. Assist the Presidential board to provide media and press, individuals or organizations with information under requests.
9. Schedule working plan of the Presidential board; Receive off-campus guests, colleagues and students coming to the university for business
10. Fulfill other works assigned by the University Committee and the President

* Reception work:
1. Conduct reception works of the university in special occasions and holidays
2. Receive off-campus guests, colleagues and students coming to the university for business
3. Organize and serve in meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc on campus
4. Organize and provide reception services to visiting guests
5. Organize and represent the university to pay a diplomatic visit to other organizations, individuals 

* Administrative works, data storage, communication & information with off-campus partners
1. Manage and have the right to use the official legal stamp of the university
2. Organize and give instruction on administrative material storage
3. Manage meeting rooms and center building lobby; do material printing for meetings and conferences
4. Receive, categorize and store administrative documents, materials from outside institutions to submit to the Presidential board
5. Make copies and transfer administrative documents, materials to related individuals or units of the university
6. Receive administrative documents, materials or packages from outside to individuals or units of the university
7. Manage and issue university document and envelop templates
8. Provide Letters of recommendation and Travelling documents for faculty members to go abroad for business
9. Approve Travelling documents for guests visiting the university. 
10. Book and deliver newspapers and magazines for units of the university
11. Manage the administrative document copying on campus
12. Update information on to the university website
13. Propose and implement solutions for administrative system improvement

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