Tác giả :
a. Functions:
1. Assist the Presidential board to manage, summarize feedback and organize implementation of political ideology education for teachers and students
2. Assist the Presidential board to manage, summarize feedback and organize implementation of official student admissions and other student affairs 
3. Assist the Presidential board to manage, summarize feedback and organize implementation of university brandname promotion
4. Cooperate with Communist Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City and Student association of the university to fulfill student affairs

b. Responsibilities:
*  Political ideology education:
1. Evaluate the current status of political knowledge of teachers and students to develop further plans and solutions for political knowledge improvement
2. Jointly organize updated news presentation, disseminate governmental policies and statutes
3. Organize and manage extracurricular political activities, initial program meetings or new school-year meetings
4. Submit for approval of the President for regulation implementation instructions, ethics, living manners, etc education plans for students. Supervise the implement process of the regulations
5. Submit for approval of the President for crime and vice prevention to construct on-campus educational environment. Supervise the implement process of the regulation documents.

*  Information dissemination:
1. Explore and update information on university website 
2. Build up information network to provide information of university activities
3. Be responsible for public information dissemination and related facilities 
4. Be responsible for collecting and storing historical achievements of the university
5. Make brochures, handbooks and news-letters; Take report for university history and manage the traditional room of the university
6. Compose speeches for meetings and ceremonies

* Cultural and Sport activities:
1. Organize and implement cultural and sport activities of the university
2. Organize and implement cultural and sport activities between the university and off-campus partners
3. Build cultural and sport teams of the university to compete within or outside campus 
4. Combine with Communist Youth Union, Student Association, Faculties and other units to conduct cultural and sport activities for students

* Occupation orientation and admission
1. Be the key unit to build up plans and activities for occupation orientation, Open days, meetings, dialogues on campus and off campus
2. Receive and analyze application forms, examination related documents, and admission for  selected students

* Student affairs:

1. Admit qualified students and do the suitable enrollment process
2. Check legibility of submitted documents of freshmen; store and manage their application forms 
3. Issue student ID, student card and certificates for activity participation
4. Regularly participate in Reward and Punishment Committee for students' affairs 
5. Apply suitable and available policies on students' matters; submit to the President reward or punishment for students' matters 
6. Combine with related units to evaluate moral conduct of students 
7. Evaluate students' contribution on Social activities to approve their graduation
8. Supervise and update education consultants' information and propose to the President the list of consultants
9. Deliver reward certificates to students
10. Contact to students' family to regularly report their performance
11. Protect political ideology and internal security of the university
12. Supervise off-campus students' affairs in combination with local authority 
13. Periodically organize dialogues, meetings between the Managing board and students to solve students' complaints

* Brandname promotion:
1. Be the key unit to do promotion for the brandname of the university
2. Utilize connections with medias to promote the university's prestige
3. Combine with other units to select featured products of the university to do promotion 
4. Manage the legal use of the university's brandname

* Combination with Youth Union and Student Association for students' affairs
1. Organize annual art performance
2. Organize annual sport competition
3. Organize social activities for students to accumulate their moral conduct score
4. Implement activities of the Red Flag Association

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