Tác giả :
a. Functions:
1. Financial Planning Office is in charge of assisting the President to make financial plans and supervise university activities through financial budget and payment; do accounting jobs; and follow formal instruction from legal supervising institutions and from the President.
2. Take accountability on planning; budgeting; accounting; managing and distributing; supervising uses of finance, assets and facilities. Do payment according to the financial law and the University financial expenditure regulation.

b. Responsibilities:
* Budget planning and management:
1. Make mid-term and yearly financial plans basing on expenses allowed by MoET, approved level and responsibility of the university 
2. Make budget share plan for all training activities and strategic programs of the university
3. Investigate and supervise usage of the yearly assigned budget of every unit and report progress and budget adjustment according to real situation to effectively use the total budget 
4. Control the overall budget in compliance with approved plans and internal budget spending regulations
5. Instruct other units to keep following appropriately financial regulations and processes 
6. Assist the President to manage and invest effectively the capital budget of the university; fulfill legally, fully and precisely financial regulations and laws of the government 
7. Instruct and check the use and implementation of approved budget of every unit 
8. Do other duties as requested by the President

* Accounting summary and supervision
1. Organize accounting document system, receipts and accounts; do accounting according to the laws and procedures issued by the government 
2. Summarize revenue and expenditures; be responsible for accounting data, total expenses and budget use of the university; do required lawful reports
3. Periodically report the implementation progress of revenue and expenditure plans and publically announce the progress
4. Organize and systemize accounting documents and personnel; control the accounting process; manage and summarize financial reports of all units of the university
5. Provide accounting data and documents timely and precisely as requested 
6. Be the unique unit to control cash and payment of the university; All payments must go through the accounting system
7. Combine with other functional units to do payment legally, fully and precisely to all faculty members and students 
8. Store and protect accounting documents, reports and receipts for audit

* Monitoring supervised centers
1. Give the centers instruction for accounting procedures and financial reports 
2. Annually audit and report financial status of the centers 
3. Summarize year-end financial reports of the centers and put in the overall report of the university 

* Self-audit and financial disclosure
1. Do self-audit annually according to regulations 
2. Disclose budget plans, payments and overall budget amount in standard format annually 
3. Reduce financial waste according to the laws of saving and waste elimination of the government
4. Present annual internal financial report at Summer senior faculty member meeting
5. Do irregular reports as requested by the Presidential board

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