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On 6 January 2016, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education has organized a Seminar on Scientific Researches in the period of 5 years and provided a chance for discussion on breakthrough solutions for the scientific researches of HCMUTE in order to sustainably develop in the upcoming period from 2016 to 2020. The Seminar has welcomed the presences of the Presidential Board of HCMUTE, Office of Scientific Researches and over 80 representatives from Faculties, Departments selected after the Seminars at their Faculties and Departments.

Prof. Dr. Do Van Dzung, the President in the opening session of the Seminar

In the period of 5 years, thanks to the support and good orientation of HCMUTE in the investment on human resources and facilities in the scientific development, the scientific researches and technology transfer of HCMUTE have some changes in the orientation, management and organization. The amount and quality of researches, projects have been gradually improved. Consequently, the scientific researches have achieved remarkable results as follows: 

The amount of PhD. and Prof holder has increasing: Until 30 December 2015 there have been 24 Associate Professors, 3 times higher than those of 2010 with only 7 Associate Professors and 106 PhD holders. In terms of projects, it can be mentioned some projects at national level in 2013, 2 Nafoted Projects and 01 experiment project, 01 project on enhancing the research ability, 10 researches at Ministerial level, and 11 researches at departmental and city level with the total amount of VND 32.55 billion. Especially, in 2016, the Prime Minister has assigned Dr. Nguyen Ba Hai a project at national level with VND 6 billion due to the applicable and human values of the products for the blinds.

In terms of researches at the key University Level, 272 researches have been deployed and successfully completed, 800 researches at University Level and over 500 researches of students.

Relating to publishing the scientific publications, there have been 102 articles in journals with ISI, SCI, SCIE and 903 articles published in domestic journals and in national and international conferences. Some of them have gained good achievements in some contests for students and young lecturers, such as the second prize in scientific researches for young lecturers in 2014; the first prize and the second prize in scientific researches for students in 2012 and 2013; 01 team as representative from Vietnam has attended the energy savings eco-driving contest held by Honda in 2014. Additionally, students have achieved many awards in the contests such as Eureka, Holcim Prize, etc.

In terms of conferences and seminars: HCMUTE has organized many seminars and conferences for exchanges and sharing of academic and professional knowledge. Especially in the period of 5 years, HCMUTE has held 7 conferences and seminars at national and international scale such as Green-Technology and Sustainable Development in October 2014 with over 200 articles with defending procedures in journals and 400 participants. In 2015, HCMUTE has successfully organized National Mechanical Conference with 300 articles and 400 participants. After the two conferences, HCMUTE has created good images in scientific researches to many participants.
Apart from boosting scientific researches through scientific research topics, HCMUTE has organized some scientific activities such as Robocon, RoboTechshow, Robe climbing robot, Solar – Energy driving contest, dancing robot, eco-driving contest.

Although the results were not up to the expectations, the efforts of lecturers in the past period of 5 years should not be undeniable. Most of lecturers have set the aim of studying and researching on the top of their responsibilities, besides their main teaching responsibilities. This has shown that the spirit of studying, creation and the passion for scientific researches have been significantly improved.

In order to acknowledge the efforts of individuals and groups who have good achievements in scientific researches in the past five years, HCMUTE has given awards to 16 outstanding individuals and 8 outstanding groups.

The Vice President has given awards to individuals for their good achievement in scientific researches in the period from 2011 to 2015

The President has given awards to individuals for their good achievement in scientific researches in the period from 2011 to 2015

In the discussion session, many lecturers have given valuable opinions on improving scientific researches of HCMUTE    

Dr. Ngo Van Thuyen and Prof. Dr. Hoang An Quoc are receiving feedback from representatives of the seminar
Sideline of the seminar, many exhibition activities on products of scientific researchers have been demonstrated

Robot of Faculty of EEE

To sum up the seminar, Prof. Dr. Do Van Dzung has appealed lecturers to make their best effort in scientific researches with all their passion and enthusiasm, and inspired the passion to students to develop HCMUTE step by step and confirm HCMUTE’s position in the ASEAN
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