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Facts and Figures
Year of establishment: 2013
(upgraded from Faculty of Technical Education established in 1993)
Faculty: 5 Professors, 7 PhDs, 11 Masters
Graduate education
Undergraduate education
Psychology in Vocational Education and Pedagogy Science
Community Relations and Human Resource Development
Short Term Training Programs

Academic training
Undergraduate programs
Technical education in Automotive engineering
Technical education in Electricity and Electronics
Technical education in Electronics and Telecommunications
Technical education in Civil engineering
Technical education in Computer technology
Technical education in Industrial technology
Technical education in Mechanical engineering
Technical education in Mechatronics
Technical education in Thermotechnics and Refrigeration

Graduate programs
Education science (Master, PhD)
Teaching philosophy and methodology

ITE is responsible for providing students with adequate professional preparation in technical education, qualifying them for teaching and doing research at vocational training institutions upon graduation.
ITE is also in charge of organizing short intensive courses in technical education for local and provincial vocational training institutions, awarding First-grade and Second-grade Certificates of Teaching Proficiency, in accordance with the framework curriculum designated by the MoET and GDVT.
ITE has also cooperated with the other Faculties of HCMUTE to provide workshops and seminars in educational management and methodology, namely on:
Professional education management, scientific and technological management
Active teaching and renovating teaching methodology
Developing teaching materials
Developing competence-based teaching curriculum
Upon request, ITE prepares teachers of local and provincial vocational training institutions for them to take part in contests in teaching excellence at different levels.

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