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Standard output of the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
1. Standard output of Environmental Engineering Technology 
2. Higher education program for Environmental Engineering Technology
3. Standard output of Food Technology
4. Higher education program for Food Technology

Standard output of the college programs of the Faculty of Garment Technology and Fashion Design
Garment Technology - University programs

1. Standard output of Garment Technology - University program
2. Higher education program for Garment Technology - University program

Fashion Design
1. Standard output of Fashion Design
2. Higher education program for Fashion Design
3. Home Economics
4. Standard output of Home Economics
5. Higher education program for Home Economics
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Applied Sciences

Standard output of Construction Engineering Technology
Faculty of Foreign Languages
Higher education program for Technical English Education
Faculty of Economics

1. Training program for Accounting (4 years)
2.Training program for Accounting (Professional College)
3.Training program for Accounting (Vocational College)
4. Industrial Management
Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media
Printing Technology

Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
1. Control and Automation Engineering Technology
2. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology
3. Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering Technology
4. Computer Engineering Technology
Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering
1.  Thermal Engineering Technology
2.  Automotive Engineering Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
1. Mechatronics Technical Education
2. Industrial Engineering Technical Education
3. Machinery Manufacturing Technical Education
4. Industrial Engineering
5. Mechatronics Engineering Technology
6. Machinery Manufacturing Technology (transition program from Technical College)
7. Machinery Manufacturing Technology (transition program from Vocational College)
8. Mechanical Engineering Technology
9. Machinery Manufacturing Technology (transition program from Vocational Schools)
10. Machinery Manufacturing Technology - College program
11. Machinery Manufacturing Technology - University program
Faculty of Information Technology
1. Information Technology
2. Information Technology Technical Education

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