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1. Consultations on education, scientific research
- Guiding students to master the training regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the training regulations of the university.
- Guiding students to build personal learning plan based on the selection of modules that are taught at each semester and suited the requirements of specialized training, appropriate to the capabilities and facilities, hobbies, living conditions, economic circumstances of each student.
- Advise students on academic programs: objectives, content, learning outcomes ... and how to select the module.
- Advice for students registered practitioners of each semester according to specialized training and guidance for students to strive to complete the amount of learning already registered. Advice for students on how to develop individual learning plans for all courses matching progress goals (learn fast or slow), and specific advice plan each semester.
- Counseling and instruction for students to use learning management software.
- Counseling and guiding students on methods of learning and scientific research; guide, encourage and create favorable conditions for students to participate in learning activities and scientific research; guiding students resolve difficulties in the process of learning and scientific research.
- Regular monitoring the learning results of students. Remind students iftheir academic result has been decrease.
- Through learning result of students to advise, guide students in the registration and adjust the study plan to match the capacities and circumstances of each student.
- Discussion and guide students to learn how to successfully select two parallel programs, learning for improvement score, grade calculation (courses, semester, full-course).
- Counseling and guiding students on exempt from university, exempt from competition, withdrawal subjects and issues related to the diploma or certificate.

2. Advice on the students affairsand policies
- Counseling and guiding students to implement regulations on students affairs; Regulation assess the practice score; Boarding Regulation; Outpatient regulations; regulations about social program.
- Counseling and guiding students apply for exempted and reduced tuition; social benefits; preferential subsidies; difficulty subsidies...
- Advice and answers to students on tuition, scholarships, procedures to apply for scholarship grants
- Advise students on student profiles, temporary pause of learning with limited time, repeat, dismissal, transfer...
- Advice and answers to students issues related to reward and discipline.
- Advice and guiding to apply for students certificate (for postponing military service, apply for jobs, apply for school, temporary residence, take the bus, preferential credit loans, local documents,...); confirm preferencial book of education, training,...
- Consulting and guiding students participate in activities of Union, cultural activities and other social activities.
- Advice students on issues concerning admission, continuous training,....

3. Consultations on the field of school psychology, life of students
- Advice and guidance students solve problems in life, friendship, love, marriage and family.
- Counseling and introduce for students to work part-time, join some clubs, extracurricular activities, ...
- Counseling career and employment for students; skills of resume, interview, building relationships and career issues as characteristics, working environment, labor market, career choices and opportunities future advances.
- Consulting and guiding students to use reasonable time funds, personal finance, prepares to independent life, ....

- Consulting directly at office of consulting department;
- ViaConsulting department's website;
- Organize consulting programs on special objects ;
- Viaemail of the counseling department or counselor;
- Viatelephone of consulting department or mobile phone of the counselors;
- Viaa consulting department’s and counselor’s Facebook. 




Fields of consultant




Guiding students to build personal learning plan based on the selection of modules that are taught school each semester and all of course.

Dean/Deputy Dean in charge of students.

Each Specialize nominate 1-3 lecturer and 2-3 Master Students or Last-Year Students.

Secretary of Faculty


Advice for students registered practitioners of each semester

Counseling and guiding students on methods of learning, guiding students resolve difficulties in the process of learning.

Counseling and guiding students on scientific research.


Academic Affairs Office

Consultants, answer questions and guide students to implement training regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, the rules of University.

Head/Deputy Head

2 Officials understand about regulations of academic and training.

Counseling students on studying such as subject registration, registration and adjust timetables, examination.

Counseling and guiding students on exempt from university, exempt from competition, withdrawal subjects and grade calculation.

Counseling students on graduation, debt modules review and matters relating to diplomas and certificates

Counseling international students.


Office of Admissions and Student Affairs

Counseling admissions

Head/Deputy Head


02 official understand about regulation of students affair, policies, admissions

Counseling students about students affairs and policies, scholarships, tuition exemptions.

Counseling on community activities, practice score.


Student Service Center

Meeting with students daily to make bridge between students and consultant of Faculty.



Invite and nominate 2-3 lecturer, official, 2-4 student with experience in life of students.


Find source of part-time jod for students.

Organizing soft-skill training short-course for students.

Support facility, learning environment, extracurricular activities, social activities.

Organizing Experience Students Club and other club to assist students to practice skill.

International Students Exchange Program

Counseling psychology and life of students


Medical Station

Counseling about health and insurance.




Introduction, promotion information to students

Director/Vice Director


Guiding students to operator, search, use documents resource and product, service of information and library efficiently.



Guiding dormitory registration.



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