Tác giả :
a. Function
1. Propose and adjust long-term, short-term strategic objectives and solutions for the university.
2. Implement and supervise the completeness of strategic development plans at each unit.
3. Work with deans/vice deans of university units on strategic plans implementation progress on behalf of the presidential board.

b. Responsibilities:
1. Build up strategic processes:
- Propose a strategic plan to develop the university in compliance with inner and outer conditions. 
- Identify and propose ideas for orientations of other strategic plans and the related working models for the university to develop comprehensively, sustainably and internationally. 
- Review, compose and propose annually university strategic plans. 

2. Implement strategic processes: 
- Manage, implement and supervise the implementation of university strategic plans.
- Orient and update information for strategic plans to submit to the Presidential board and the Science and Education Committee of the university. 
- Combine with related units to modify organizing structure, adjust working processes to fit with university strategic plans. 
- Publicize strategic development plan of the university to stakeholders to build up and promote image and brandname of the university effectively. 
- Evaluate, summarize and report strategic plan implementation activities of all units.

3. Strategic adjustment: 
- Take the key role in organizing and arranging order of implementation of strategic plans to Faculties and offices. 
- Manage strategic data to consult the Presidential board to issue strategic decisions and strategic actions. 
- Periodically adjust the strategic plans of the university. 

4. Strategic organization management and supervision: 
- Identify suitable strategic organization. 
- Develop a procedure for designing and implementing strategic plans. 
- Make plans and construct strategy.
- Assign and supervise strategy to every unit.
- Combine units in supervising and implementing featured strategic plans to assure sustainable development and integration. 
- Periodically collect and analyze data reported from units; process and provide the information to the Presidential board to make timely decisions. 
- Manage innovative strategy.

5. Do other duties as requested by the President.

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