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Dear distinguished guests, teachers, officials and employees of our university, and students,
Today, our university – Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education solemnly held a graduation ceremony for the new Masters, Engineers, Bachelors, who graduated in June, July and September period in 2015. On behalf of the leaders of the University, I respectfully would like to extend to distinguished guests, teachers, officials and employees of our university and students in the ceremony today my warmest greetings.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
During the graduation phase 2/2015, we warmly congratulate the new 135 Masters and 2463 new Engineers and Bachelors. Of the 2463 new engineers and new bachelors graduating this time, there are 1808 students graduating as scheduled, accounting for 73.41% ratio. 70 graduates with honors account for 2.84 per cent; 2105 good graduates accounts for 85.46 percent; 288 average graduates accounts for 11.69 per cent. Thus, the total number of good or higher reaches up nearly 90%.

Dear all students,
Time flies…It seems the new day when you felt strange taking admission to the university has just passed, and now you have to say goodbye to teachers, friends, sad and happy memories, this beloved school to take off and fly away. At this time, you should be sincerely grateful to our teachers, who have brought us to the horizon of knowledge. You should also underscore efforts of staff of faculties and offices, who have created a very good learning environment. You should also never forget to thank your parents, who have been with you not only physically but also mentally for all you have got today.

Dear all students,
From today, your life turns to a new page but not the end of learning. The concept of lifelong learning today is associated with all those who want to stand stably in a competitive labor market of knowledge economy. I hope that with the knowledge and skills acquired at this university, you can continue your efforts to study by yourself daily and weekly, to reach a bright future ahead. No matter how many thorny challenges waiting, I believe that you can continue to promote and maintain the proud tradition of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education students, rebranding the brand of the university on the labor market within and outside Vietnam. Be proud that you have graduated from the most prestigious technical university in this country - Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education.

Dear all students,
This solemn ceremony marks an important moment in your life. Since today you have officially been Masters, engineers and bachelors who are ready for challenges and difficulties to devote to the development and protection of the country. The homeland is waiting for you!

The hardship of student lives has passed, but many challenges are awaiting you in front. It is time for you to show your true potential to become useful people to the society. ASEAN economic community (AEC) and Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) require students to hone English, soft skills, and cultural understanding of other peoples in the region in order to be ready for the stage of international integration. Your success in life will be expectations and encouragements of the teachers, officials and employees of the university and our alumni. The university will always welcome you back as alumni and partners, so you can continue to collaborate with, support and help the university in adjusting curriculums, counseling admissions, linking to businesses where you work and especially assisting the junior students.

On this occasion, on behalf of the leaders at the university, I would like to thank the teaching staff and employees at all offices in our university, who were dedicated to mentoring, training and helping students to overcome difficulties as well as to complete their academic duties. The university would also like to thank the parents, who have spent all confidence, given our university outstanding people to train up for future talents and always encouraged and cared for their children to successfully complete training programs.

Finally, I would like to send to all the representatives here, faculty, staff and students my warmest wishes for your good health, happiness and success. Hoping that the new masters, engineers, and bachelor will always have enough faith, courage, optimism and love to achieve success in work and happiness in life.

On behalf of the university, I declare graduation celebration and awarding degrees to the new Masters, Bachelors and Engineers.

With kind regards and warmest thanks,
President of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education
Prof. Dr. Do Van Dzung

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