Tác giả :
a .Functions:
1. Assist the President in protecting, educating and caring for faculty members'  and students' health
2. Organize and conduct related activities

b. Responsibilities:
1. Develop the targets, plans and operating budget for the center every year or in periods
2. Organize and fulfill managing and caring for faculty members'  and students' health 
- Do annual health test for all faculty members and students 
- Manage and store health portfolios; Solve off-work cases in accordance with social insurance 
- Do first aid, emergency, normal health check and patient transfer to higher level hospitals
3. Disseminate, educate and consult on health and insurance issues 
- Issue health insurance cards
- Affirm absence due to health problems for students
- Do disease protection activities, food safety, etc
4. Combine with other local health organizations to conduct medical activities
5. Mainly or partly contribute to do campus medical improvement and construct a healthy environment
6. Do summary and report on medical activities in compliance with university regulations

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