Tác giả :
a. Function: 
1. Consult the Presidential board with organization structure and personnel; special treatments and policies; emulation and compliments; training and fostering faculty members and office staffs of the university; on-campus education laws and regulations; and on-campus internal political ideology and security.
2. Manage and implement the above-mentioned jobs.
3. Supervise the Communist Party Office.

b. Responsibilities:
* Organization structure and Personnel:  
1. Consult The President with building up functions, responsibilities, accountabilities and organization structure of every unit of the university in compliance with in-force regulations issued by the government. Instruct and supervise the implementation process according to issued decisions.
2. Regularly identify and estimate required personnel quota, and organize the personnel of every unit of the university. 
3. Develop schemes and plans for staff development; instruct, supervise and investigate the implementation process of the plans.
4. Organize employment, professional promotion tests for all faculty members according to the in-force regulations; and develop required standards for all positions.
5. Propose to the President plans for job arrangement, working position rearrangement, training and fostering programs, dismissions or promotions, punishments or rewards for faculty members and staffs. 
6. Manage and guarantee approved policies for salary, allowance, management honorarium, insurance, retirement allowance, etc.
7. Compose and sign working contracts with employees.
8. Compose and sign working contracts with visiting professors. 
9. Manage workforce: Supervise work-point marking, build up and implement regulations to assure working discipline, working order and pedagogical manners.
10. Manage, supplement and store data of employees' curriculum vitaes. Supervise, summarize and report the quantity and quality of the workforce. 
11. Approve and issue documents for faculty members, such as: Working status approval, Leave of absence letter, CV approval, signature approval, etc.
12. Manage quantity and detailed list of reserved home army. 
13. Conduct or support wedding or funeral of employees. 
14. Cooperate with local authorities for election.
15. Assist the President/Presidential board to supply information and responding to media and presses related to individuals or organizations under the supervision of Personnel Office. 
16. Do other duties as requested by the President.

* On-campus internal political ideology and security
1. Combining with other units to guarantee the On-campus internal political ideology and security according to the in-force regulations. 
2. Instruct other units of the university to investigate professional levels of every employee. 

* Reward and punishments:
1. Propose criteria and process of emulation to the Permanent emulation board of the university. 
2. Collaborate with unions of all units to implement the emulation.
3. Summarize and report to the University Committee and the President about each case of every individual or group who is qualified.
4. Propose rewards or punishments for individuals or groups in the university. 

* On-campus education laws and regulations:
1. Combine with other functional offices and unions to propagandize laws to faculty and students. 
2. Summarize and contribute ideas to other units to build up, modify or supplement the current regulations of the university and laws of Vietnam. 
3. Consult on the legality of university level documents; review every internally used document before issuing; systemize the issued documents.
4. Propagandize and educate laws in the university.

* Internal security
1. Patrol, guard and check assets and individuals moving in and out the campus
2. Develop regulations for security, assets protection, fire protection and extinguishment, pedagogical manners. Instruct and supervise the implementation of the regulations by all university units.
3. Be permanent board for fire protection and extinguishment, disaster prevention and reduction.
4. Cooperate with local police and authorities to protect the assets of the university. 
5. Cooperate with Student Service Center and other units to control services on the campus.

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